Thursday, June 2, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Bryan White

What ever happened to Bryan White? He was hotter than hot in the mid to late 90s and all of a sudden, he was gone. He was such a bright young star who sang such great material and could play the drums like no body's business!

Bryan is still touring, but unfortunately has become one of those artists that Country Radio likes to ignore. Heck, he was even cut out of "From This Moment On," his duet with Shania Twain. Bryan White was only 20 when he got his first record deal and admits that the music industry started to define who he was as a person, and when his 4th album didn't do well, he went through a terrible depression. Listen up, Taylor Swift! Just sayin'.

Since we are the same age, I really identified with his music, and still love to listen to it!
Bryan married actress Erika Page in 2000 and the couple has two sons. Huh, another identifier, I have two sons too!

Watch his video for "So Much For Pretending" here.

You can follow him on Twitter too!


  1. He looks like David Cassidy in the pic. Same age and both have two sons? Coincidence? I don't think so. Soulmates probably.

  2. Wow, Holly! He does look like David Cassidy is this pic!

    Ha! Soulmates is right!