Monday, March 28, 2011

My Glue Gun Is Hot Again!

Having this blog has inspired me to get those ole creative juices flowing again! Believe it or not, before I had my kids, I was really into crafting. Now, I am not nearly as talented as some of the wonderful women I have discovered in the blososphere--there are so many wonderful crafting blogs and so many talented women out there! Crafting was something, however, that I really enjoyed and I enjoyed the time I set aside for myself to have a little fun.

When I saw this egg wreath from Keeping It Simple last week, I just had to dust off my craft supplies.  I love that she used plastic eggs!  I would have never thought to do this, even though I have a ton in storage!  I also love that she used cardboard as the base for the wreath, making this project very inexpensive.  I have plenty of diaper boxes around, and it was just the right strength to handle this project!   

Once I discovered that one of my glue guns no longer worked and that I needed to purchase new glue sticks, I was on my way to whipping up this gem.  It has really brightening up my front door and I am proud of myself for actually accomplishing my first craft project in I don't know how long!  When all was said and done, it only cost me $3.44 and gave me the much needed boost back into crafting!


  1. so cute and simple! Love it! ♥ BJ

  2. I agree, it's so nice to have so many talented women to be inspired by. :) Your wreath is so bright and cheerful it makes me want to make one as well. Great job!

  3. Thank you, ladies! And you should totally make one, Janet!