Monday, March 7, 2011

Yes, I'm Really Just A Crazed Fan

This weekend, my husband and I saw the current King and Queen of country music.  Reba and George Strait played at Allstate Arena in Chicago and Le Ann Womack opened the show. 

The concert started at 7pm and we got back to our car at 10 til midnight!  It was an awesome show!! 

We were lucky enough to be the guest of Reba--although she has NO idea who we are, I like saying it.  We were more like annoying party crashers, but I will take whatever I can get!  Thanks Valory Music Company!  Anyway, our seats were right by the stage entrance, so we had a great view and I felt like a crazy teen aged girl in the 50s who fainted when Elvis took the stage...although I was in awe of Reba and I manged to stay on two feet. 

Right before her encore, the video to "Fancy" played on the big screen.  Then, a "taxi" rolled into the crowd and Reba stepped out right in front of ME and wearing her "red dress".  That's when I almost lost it.  I believe I turned to my husband and said, "Oh My God, that was so awesome!" 

Lee Ann joined Reba on stage to sing "Does He Love You" and it was so exciting to see them perform together!  It is such a great song and loses it's meaning when done solo, so I am glad I got the chance to see that. 

Watching George Strait take the stage was almost like watching the President walk out to a rally.  Or, a King into his kingdom.  And along the way, he slapped the hand of a wide eyed radio announcer who sometimes can't believe her luck! 

I have to say...George is really good looking.  My husband is getting a little tired of attending concerts with me where I swoon over the act, but come ON!  We are talking about George Strait!  And it seems as if age is making him even more good looking.  One thing is for sure...his voice is a as pure and in tune than ever!  And it was an honor to watch him do his thing!  



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  1. What fun you must have had and such great seats. I'm seeing my fav, James Taylor on Wednesday night and you really got me in the mood.