Thursday, December 9, 2010

Throwback Thursday--Put A Little Holiday In Your Heart!

"Put a Little Holiday in Your Heart" was a made-for TV movie, which first aired in 1997 and starred a teenage LeAnn Rimes.  When this movie first came out, I remember being so excited!  I also remember being disappointed that Bernadette Peters had such a huge role...I would much rather see LeAnn more. 

This past weekend, Lifetime aired the movie as part of their Fa La La La Lifetime promotion--which I love, by the way--so I sat down to watch it again.  I was intrigued to see how I would react to the movie 13 years later. 

I was no longer excited to see what LeAnn would be wearing, or if she could act, but I was excited to hear her sing.  Let's face it, the girl has pipes!  LeAnn has been going through a lot of harsh press lately because of her affair with Eddie Cibrian and she is pretty much non existent on Country radio.  All of that was on my mind as I watched the young LeAnn in the movie, taking advice from the "seasoned" Bernadette Peters character.  LeAnn's character was reminded not to let family take the backseat on the road to fame and fortune. 

Despite her personal life, and her current CD, LeAnn will remain one of my favorite singers, and I am curious as to how her career will ride this storm.  In the meantime, I love the song "Put a Little Holiday in Your Heart."  And it wouldn't be Christmas in my home, without it!

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