Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have learned so many new skills as a mother that I would have never developed had I never had children.  Skills that I am in awe of on a daily basis.  For instance, changing a 9-month-old baby's diaper.  I think it should seriously be considered an Olympic sport.  The art of cleaning a baby's bottom while, said baby, is twisting and turning in order to get away from you while screaming at the top of his/her lungs, getting the diaper back on straight without gaps around legs, or ripped, and without needing a bath afterwards is truly a skill someone without children will never understand. 

I discovered a new skill recently.  I like to call it toepickitupitis.  It sounds like an illness, doesn't it.  Well, it's not one.  Let me give you, what we in the radio biz, call a pronoucer...  (toe-pick-it-up-itis).  The definition of topickitupitis is the ability to pick objects up with your toes.  Man, have I gotten good at it! 

Just this morning, I put my skills to the test as I was trying to get ready for work.  You see, my 9-month-old is going through a little "mommy attachment" phase.  In other words, if I am in eye sight, I must be holding him.  Now, picture getting dressed while holding a twenty-some-pound baby and dropping your sock.  I could lean over, breaking my back and forcing the baby to grab onto my hair in order to hold on, or I could put my toepickitupitis to work!  All I have to do is simply lift one leg up to my opposite hand and we are all good to go! 

This skill also comes in very handy when the baby is in the highchair during dinner, even though he is not eating, because he screams if he is not included in any activity, and he drops a toy.  One could get up from the table, leaving their dinner plate...or one could enable their toepickitupitis skills.

I have even found that this skill translates over to everyday life.  Case in point:  I was using the straight iron on my hair the other day and I dropped my hair brush.  Why should I put the straight iron down in order to bend over and pick it up, when I posses the skill of toepickitupitis? 

Yep, I am in awe of myself.

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  1. I never put a name to it before but I like the name it has gotten. I too am very good at toepickitupitis!