Monday, August 23, 2010

Countdown to "K" Day

The countdown is on and ticking away.  In two short days, my first born will be heading off to Kindergarten.  Needless to say, this morning I woke up very emotional and a little weepy.  I know that he is ready to go, but I am not quite ready to let him. 

It seems like we have been preparing for this day for a couple of years now.  I made sure that his preschool teacher (at daycare, of course) was on top of things...insisting that she stop showing my son how to write his name in all capital letters, but rather in both upper and lower case.  I also made sure he learned how to share with others and how to make friends--which he says is "easy."  I bought "Little Einstein" flashcards to help him learn the alphabet and numbers.  I even went around his room with post it notes, sticking the words "table" on his Winnie the Pooh table and "lamp" on his lampshade so he could begin to recognize some sight words.  We have read to him religiously and went through a time consuming application process back in February...but now that the day is here, I want to break out in tears as I write his name in his dinosaur backpack! 

How did the time go by so quickly?  How did my little red-headed baby boy born on a snowy Christmas day, almost six years ago, turn into this bright, energetic, funny and fascinating little boy ready to go to SCHOOL? 

To make matters worse, I have been raking myself over hot coals because I will not be there to see him off to school.  As the host of a morning radio program, Mommy will already be at work when he heads out the door on his first day of school.  That also means that he will need to go to the before-school program before school actually starts, because Daddy needs to be in his classroom to teach his new batch of kiddos on the same day.  This means there will be no pictures taken by Mommy.  No waves good-bye.  No kisses on the check.  No hugs.  No following the school bus in my car to make sure he gets there safely. 

I am a mess! 

I have thought about trying to make his homecoming a huge deal.  We all have the image of Mom waiting for us at home with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, right?  I could do that.  I could meet him at the bus with his baby brother and greet him excitedly and scoop him up and hug him, right?  Daddy is capable of taking those pictures, kissing him, and waving good-bye, right?  In fact, I could get a great picture of him getting OFF the bus, right?

Or...maybe I could call off work.


  1. Call off :) Hang in there, sweetie! Being a working mom is tough- definitely don't rake yourself over the coals for that. He will think it is just as special if you celebrate him when he gets off the bus too! Love you!

  2. oh amy! why cant someone else cover for you at work? I love the idea of meeting him at the bus stop with cookies and brother. Honestly that may mean more to him and become a more cherished memory than dropping him off at school. After my last one started kindergarten I had to go shopping, retail therapy helps alot too! Believe it or not you have him very prepared and he will do amazing.

  3. Thanks for the love, ladies. I will have a fill-in tomorrow:)