Friday, August 20, 2010

Jo Dee Messina Is So-REAL

Just how down to earth is Jo Dee Messina?  Let's see...when she called in to do her radio interview with me, she was pumping gas on her way home from running errands--in a car she couldn't quite figure out.  She insisted on doing the interview outside of the car so that it's SYNC system wouldn't take over her phone and put us on speaker phone, because she hates when it does that.  This girl is just like ME!  I think that has been Messina's appeal since she first entered the country music scene.  She's like your best friend who happens to have crazy pipes. 

Not to mention, when I answered her phone call, she answered back by singing "GirrrrlllFRENd" to me.  Oh, it was on!  I was ready to take her out to lunch and then go shopping afterwards. 

JoDee hasn't had a new release in about six years.  That didn't stop her from writing, though.  By the time her record company was ready to put a new album together, she had enough songs for several albums.  That's when her trilogy project was born containing three different EPs.  Packed with 24 songs, the series is titled Unmistakable:  "Love," "Drive," and "Inspirational." 

Of those three, Messina says that the "Love" collection is the most unlike anything she has done to date.  Let's face it, she's an artist not really know for signing ballads, but rather more "what in the world are you thinking" songs.  That's not to say, however, that Messina cannot deliver when it comes to belting it out--because she most definitely can!  "Treat Me Like a Woman Today" is a song that is more Messina and still makes it into that love category.  It's pulsating beat and playfully delivered lyrics makes it one of my favorites on the EP.  Messina says she has a lot of fun performing the song at shows. 

She says that "Drive" has songs more like "Bye Bye" and that "Inspirational" is more of a collection of tunes similar to "Bring on the Rain." 

Unfortunately, Messina's record company is not releasing any singles to radio.  You can get your hands on the trilogy, though on the web and at her shows.
Whenever Messina is off the road, she calls herself a home-body.  Part of that can be attributed to Noah, Messina's 16-month-old son.  Although, Messina says that motherhood hasn't really changed her.  "I'm a lot more tired," Messina laughs, "but he's sleeping through the night now, so I hope that changes." 

She has also started running again--something that was put on the backburner as a busy new mom.  Messina has participated in many marathons in the past, but is only (let me repeat that--only) running about six miles a day now. 

Messina loves to stay "plugged into" her fans, so she has started podcasting through her website.  She calls it "a show for the fans, by the fans" and it takes place every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm Central time.  The topics?  How about "Where Does That Lost Sock Go From the Laundry?" or "Do You Believe In Regifting?"  I told you--she's REAL!

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