Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holy Apples Batman!

Somehow, apple picking season has snuck up on me.    It didn't occur to me until I saw about a million posts on Facebook about how everyone went apple picking over the weekend.  But surely I haven't gone apple picking until October in years past.  But, that was "sooo last year."  Local orchards are saying that the apples are ready about three weeks earlier this year than normal.  The weather is to blame for the early blooming--which is NOT welcomed by this procrastinator.  In fact, everything has been early this year.  The strawberries, the blueberries, the tomatoes.  Do I dare question whether or not winter will be early too?

There is also not going to be as many apples either...apparently the yield is also down this year.  By about 40 percent, in fact.  Well, isn't THAT just great?  Not only do I have to hurry out to go picking, I might be involved in a "1980s cabbage patch kid fight" over them! 

Jonathan was so cute last year during our trip to the orchard.  He was amazed at all the trees and couldn't decide which tree to pick from, so he just ran from tree to tree grabbing apples and putting them in his basket.  I had no idea if I had Fuji, Macintosh, or Gala when I got home.  It didn't matter, though.  they all tasted so much better than those from the grocery store and we ate them for weeks! 

I'm not sure we'll be eating for weeks this year, but hopefully we at least get one batch of applesauce and a pie out our picking!

What are some of your favorite apple recipes?

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