Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"She's Got a Redneck Side When You Get Her Agitated"

That's right.  I have a redneck side and every now and then it needs to come out and play.  Once a year my husband's entire family goes to a local county fair on the last day before they close it down.  After riding the rides, checking out the animal barns, and eating elephant ears, we all head to the demolition derby.  This is a long -standing tradition and even though I really do not enjoy the demolition derby, I have learned to grin and bear it.  I, myself, think the derby is a little "redneck" and don't really understand why my husband's family enjoys it so much, because I am definitely the most "redneck" one in the bunch.  While it is really not my thing, I do love being with my family and I certainly do not want to stop any traditions that my husband would like to pass on to our children. 

So, this year, I decided to examine what really bothers me about going.  When we first got married it was simply a minor issue, but now that we have two children, it has complicated things for me.  Let's face it, kids do not sit well for anything and that can drive me up a wall when it comes to events like a demolition derby. 

The bigger issue I have had is that it so loud!  You can't hear anyone else around you unless you scream at the top of your lungs to be heard.  That makes me worry about the amount of damage I can be doing to my children's hearing.  As a "radio geek" I have blared music into my headphones for years and don't think I haven't noticed how high that knob goes these days because I can no longer hear at what others would probably consider a normal level. 

My nephew is also very sensitive to loud noises and can sometimes be so overwhelmed at sporting events that he is reduced to tears.  Not to mention, I have a six-month-old baby, who really has no business being exposed to such noise. 

After doing some research, I discovered Peltor ear muffs.  If you are a hunter, you know what I am talking about.  Or if you watched Drew Brees hold his son after winning the Superbowl last year.  They reduce the noise level so that you do not damage your hearing. 

I had thought about using ear plugs, but I was afraid to use them on the baby.  These ear muffs, however, worked perfectly!  I didn't have to worry about them falling out, or him choking on them.  I bought child sized pairs and while the baby fussed about them at first, he got used to them.  The best part, is that it reduced the noise level so much, that he was able to fall asleep through most of the event!

 My oldest son though he was cool "like Mommy" because they are so similar to the radio headphones he sees me wear at work.  And my nephew kept them on and had a blast watching all the cars smash into each other without a single tear!

These were definitely a hit--no pun intended.  I am so glad I made the decision to use them and I will keep them for use in the future.  You never know when my redneck side will get agitated!


  1. I really need to get a few pairs of these! We like going to the demolition derby and had a hard time with the noise, also. Great tip, Amy!

  2. Thanks, Kendra! They really made a huge difference! They were only $14.99 a pair on Amazon. Just search for Peltor Kids.

  3. We also attend a lot of "redneck" events. I will definetly be checking into these for our sensitive daughter. Only problem might getting her out of them since she likes to "retreat" sometimes.