Thursday, September 16, 2010

Miss WHAT?!

Just when I thought that I might have heard it kicks me in the gut with a big fat surprise.  Luckily, this one didn't hurt, but intrigued me.  Did you know that there is a Miss Cougar pageant?  I didn't know this until looking over the cast list for the new season of "Apprentice," which airs tonight.  Apparently one of the people vying to be one of Donald Trump's next winner of a six-figure salary is "Miss Cougar California." 

Tyana Alvarado--Apprentice Contestant

The winner of this year's pageant was 36-year-old Amy Roberts of Aurora, Illinois and she was crowned on June 26th.  This is when I scream out in shock, "36????  36 IS CONSIDERED A COUGAR?"  Apparently.  Although I guess if she were dating a 20-year-old, that would make her a cougar.  If that were the case, however, I would probably just call her a sicko, not give her a crown. 

A man named Rich Gosse is the executive producer of the cougar conventions and has written 8 books.  His current book is called "The Cougar Imperative:  Why MidLife Women MUST Choose Younger Men."  Okay, this is getting ridiculous.  So 36 is now midlife?  But I'm still having babies.  Great.  Maybe that kick hurt a little more than I first thought.  Just start calling me Granny.   



  1. Omgosh I love that cartoon. Lol. Although it looks more like my Mama feeding the kids. Oh yeah, they call her Granny too. lol.

    On another note 36?!?! I am going to be having mid life crisis in ten years then, that doesn't seem possible I'll be too busy with my teenagers then.

  2. I had my last child at 35. We went to the older child, who was 5 or 6, basketball game. A 60ish year old woman asked me as we walked in with the 6 week old new baby, "OH! Is that your grandbaby?". I looked her straight in the eye and said "No. IT's my baby. I'm still young enough to have sex.". She didnt speak to me again.....

  3. Love that, Dianne! I could see how she would shut up on that one! I had a baby six months aga and will 36 in two months. I wasn't exactly thinking I was done yet either:)