Thursday, September 30, 2010

Throwback Thursday!

Earlier this week, I was listening to the classic country channel on my cable system to try to soothe my sick little one, as well as myself,  when a song came on that reminded me how great Dolly Parton is.  Man, can that woman write!  "The Coat of Many Colors" came on and I started to get teary eyed.  What a powerful song!  What really gets me as how timely the song still is today.  Although a lot has changed since Dolly was a little girl, a lot hasn't and many of us have been facing hard financial times in our country. 

After listening to the song I realized just how blessed I am.  Sometimes I get caught up in the things that I don't have and forget about the things I do.  To think that this song is autobiographical is also an amazing thought.  Look at the life she has made and where she started.  How inspiring! The most powerful line in this song to me is, "one is poor only if they choose to be."  Amen, Dolly.  And thank you, forty years later. 

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