Friday, October 1, 2010

Starting October With A Pumpkin Project

A couple of years ago, my son's preschool teacher came up with a great idea for the school's Halloween party.  I was inspired to recreate the marshmallow pumpkin centerpiece for a Halloween party my son and I attended later that year. I thought that I would share the idea again, because many of us are gearing up for those Halloween parties. 

It is such a great snack for little ones!  They can simple grab a marshmallow and eat it off the stick to avoid sticky hands--something younger children don't like and moms don't like to clean.  Of course, all of this is done under adult supervision.  We are talking about sticks here!

It is really easy to do and makes a great statement! I simply bought a bag of large marshmallows and dipped them in melted chocolate. I did that by melting some baking chips in the microwave. Once the marshmallows were dipped (with some help from my little guy) they were placed on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. That's when Jonathan went to town with the sprinkles! We then placed the cookie sheet in the fridge for a few minutes to let the chocolate set. Once the candy had hardened we were ready to get out the skewers.

We poked the marshmallows to the flat end of the skewer then speared the skewers into the pumpkin. Around we went and before you knew it we were done! The kids had a ball pulling out the sticks with a tasty treat on the other end.  This was also a blast to make with my then preschooler!  He really enjoys it any time he gets to help out in the kitchen.

When the party was over, we decided to let Daddy in on the fun and gut out the pumpkin in order to hammer in more holes to turn into a great jack-o-lantern!

It was great to re purpose the pumpkin and it lit up beautifully on our front porch!

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  1. I remember when you brought this to the MOthers and More holiday party last year. I was so impressed! (And the kids liked it even more!)