Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Christmas Shopping Without A Clue

My husband and I are going Christmas shopping tomorrow.  He has the day off from work, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get some of Jonathan's shopping done while he is still in school.  The only problem is that I have no idea what to buy him.  I heard that gasp!  First of all, what kind of mother am I that I don't know what to get my own kid?  Secondly, how could I go shopping, for Christmas gifts mind you, without any clue as to what to buy?  I'm supposed to be an over-achieving-stay-at-home-work-part-time-mommy blogger who has all of her ducks in a row!  Yeah, right. 

Here's the son's age.  I didn't realize that 5 (although he'll turn 6 on Christmas Day) would be such a difficult age.  He's too big for the ride on toys and the playhouses that he still thinks are cool.  He's also matured past a lot of toys that I would prefer to buy him, but can no longer get away with.  I also think that he is too young for most of the toys that are marketed to his age group. 

First of all, we are a video game free household.  That takes a whole lot of ideas off the table doesn't it?  No Wii, DS, DSi, or Leapster will be purchased for our little guy.  I'm not opposed to ever buying video games, but I am simply not ready to open that can of worms yet.

If we buy one more dinosaur I'm pretty sure we could open our own museum.  We could possibly open a zoo as well, because Jonathan also cannot resist any type of animal.  Stuffed, plastic, cardboard, or feathered, we've got em.  We also have plenty of matchbox cars, puzzles, and games.  Although the small stuff is not exactly what I am concerned about.  I don't have the "IT" present idea.  I usually know exactly what his "big" present is going to be by now and have usually already saved for it or have been scouting for the best price on the Internet. 

So, tomorrow, the dearest husband and I plan to take on Toys R Us, Kmart, and Target with no list, no plan, and no ideas.  In the meantime, I am certainly open to suggestions!


  1. Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Legos, Playmobil sets(there are a ton of cool ones, check Explorations ... a little pricey, but great quality and GREAT detail for pretend play!)

  2. I like the LeapFrog stuff. They are learning, but it's still electronic so it feels like it's cool.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, ladies!

    I think Legos have made the list and I'll have to revisit the LeapFrog isle!

  4. First off, welcme to the Blogosphere. I created a blog not too long along myself. Since my blog is all about books and writing, I usually don't follow anyone outside of that. But I'm smitten. So you have a new follower.

    Secondly, my son is almost 4. He'll be 4 in January so I felt the same way. I had no idea what to buy him. But I just searched the internet and searched the internet until it came to me. He's getting a puzzle, an electronic book, a drum and a recorder. For the obvious child development reasons. I unfortunately don't have the big present yet. My plan was to get a power wheel go kart but those are sold out everywhere. We have one backordered. Hopefully it gets here in time.

    But none of these ideas probably work for your son. Just sharing my story. I love Christmas.

    But I do have one idea for your son. A fish. I'm going to get one for my son in January. Four or five is just about the right age for the responsibilty of feeding it every day. But your son loves animals. Just an idea.

  5. A fish! I like that idea! Thank you, Latoya for the kind comments. It's always nice to know that someone else is in the same boat as you on something. Thanks for following me!!

  6. Oh good! You're welcome. Yes, it is nice to relate to someone. As soon as I saw your post I thought ooohh that's me. We're on the same page. I'm trying to get mine done early too. Maybe we'll hear about how today's shopping trip went later.