Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Guitar Bidding Ends Today

Your chance to bid on a guitar once owned and played by Keith Urban comes to an end today.  It's part of Nash-2-O, an online auction aimed at helping Nashville flood victims.  Guitars once played by Vince Gill and Brad Paisley are also up for bid.  That would make one heck of a Christmas gift! 

While you can bid on one of Keith Urban's guitars, it seems as if he has been doing some bidding of his own.  Urban lost a large portion of the guitars he had in storage due to the floods this past May in Nashville so he has been restocking by bidding on eBay.  During the bidding process, Urban has kept his identity a secret, but once he's made a purchase, he clues the owner in that it's him.

Keith told an ABC reporter that he knows that it is hard to put and item up for bid and that most artists are a little hestitant to let go of a guitar or amp and want to know where it winds up.  That's why, he says, that he tells the seller when he's purchased a particular item.  He says that way the orginal owner knows that it is going to someone who will use it properly and that it will be appreciated.

A lot of those newly purchased guitars were used to record Urban's new album, which is due in stores and online on November 16th.  I can't wait!

Here are some of the items (and their owners) that are up for bid!

Vince Gill

Brad Paisley

Keith Urban

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