Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Color Tour

Last week we had such beautiful weather and I was really getting into the spirit of fall.  Every day on my way home from work, I pass this barn on the highway that is surrounded by wonderfully vibrant leaves.  I have been admiring it for the last couple of weeks.  Although, I do tend to admire it without the leaves in place, because I am a sucker for barns.  Something just feels good down in my soul when I see a field with a beautiful barn.  I think it's because it reminds me of my grandfather.  He was a farmer and I have so many great memories as a child going to visit him and playing on the farm. 

Seeing this barn surrounded by such autumn splendor gave me the idea to take the kids on our own fall color tour.  So, one day when Jonathan got home from school, we set out on our adventure into the country--not far from home actually.  I took the camera along and decided to snap some photos so that we could later scrapbook about our trip. 

First, I took a picture of the tree in our front yard to mark the starting point of our tour.  Then we were off in search of more treetop changes and were on the lookout for any barns that caught our fancy. 


The highlight of the tour was finding a farmer working in his field.  Jonathan got a kick out of watching the big combine work its way through the cornfield and spit out the stalks on the other side.  Tyler was even fascinated by the big machine that I am sure he had never seen before. 

I even handed over the camera so that Jonathan could capture his own memories.  He really likes it whenever I let him loose with the camera. 

We had such a peaceful and calming time.  Usually the kids are fussy in the car or wondering where and when we are going to get somewhere, but on this particular day we had no where to go or no specific destination.  We simply rolled the windows down and let nature take hold of us.


  1. I love this - and am way jealous! we never get colors like this in Florida, nothing even close! enjoy your beautiful fall colors!

  2. Thanks, Karen! Our colors have not been as vibrant this year, but I do appreciate any color we do get!