Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Pumpkin Fantasy

Some people love pumpkins so much that they fantasy about them.  Others love pumpkins so much that they create their own Pumpkin Fantasyland!  That is exactly what a local farming family has done smack dab in the heart of cornfield country in Ligonier, Indiana.

Jason Becker's grandfather founded Fashion Farms back in 1959.  It started out as a cattle farm, but when a big storm destroyed the family business, the family decided to focus on building a greenhouse.  Pumpkins, hayrides, corn mazes, and a restaurant were added and they found themselves with a modern day-old fashioned good time! 

There is a theme to Pumpkin Fantasyland at Fashion Farms every year and this year the theme is "Memories Through Songs."  For the low price of $2 per person, with the baby being free, my family and I toured the museum-like pumpkin palace--otherwise known as a barn.   

I was in heaven the moment I stepped inside and saw this:

That's right.  That's Dolly Parton made out of pumpkins!  I knew I was in the right place!  The artistry put into these displays was really quite fascinating.  Jonathan loved seeing Bert and Ernie, Dora and Diego, and the cast of Wizard of Oz come to life in pumpkin form.  We were all really impressed with the Madagascar cast.  You have never seen a giraffe until you have seen one with its face painted on a gourd!  It was so realistic!   

Can you believe they even painted the faces of all our presidents on pumpkins?  Amazing!

Ever wonder what the Beverly Hillbillies would look like as a pumpkin family?  Wonder no more, my friends!

This was really a great and inexpensive time!  The hayride was only $1.50 per person and all of the mazes were $1--done on the honor system of sticking your bill into a milk jug.  We went late on Friday afternoon and were done in time to head over to the restaurant for dinner.  We were impressed yet again.  The hamburgers were so good!  Jonathan enjoyed his smiley fries and I enjoyed my regular ones!  Oh, and throw in some pumpkin cookies and you can call it good! 

We also enjoyed our ride through the country!  To me, there is nothing like fall and the country!  We really did see some amazing pumpkins, but I think these were by far the cutest...

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