Monday, October 4, 2010

Postmarked 1984

I had the most delightful surprise while cleaning my basement recently.  I have been trying to get ready for a garage sale and to get rid of some of the things that have been thrown downstairs because I didn't know what else to do with them.  I found things I hadn't used in years, or things that I have had for years and never used.  I found some really great things to put into a garage sale...and something else.

I found this postcard from my childhood neighbor who was such a great friend.

Now, before you start thinking that I have moved this postcard from one radio gig to another--radio people move a lot--I should let you know that my mom and given me a box of my stuff that she had been hanging onto in my parents' attic.   

Can you believe that this postcard is post marked July 31, 1984?  My friend had gone on a family vacation and had sent me back this postcard.  This would have been the summer before I went into 5th grade and she went into 7th grade.  We always hated it when family vacation time rolled around because we knew that would be a week out of our summer that we wouldn't be able to ride bikes together, have picnic lunches, play fashion designers, or work one of the various "clubs" we had created.

I remember one time our 10-speed handle bars got stuck together when we were goofing around while we were bike riding.  I think we were trying to see how close we could get our bikes when we ended up locked tight.  Talk about panicking!  I ended up slamming on my brakes to get unstuck and I flew over the handle bars and landed smack dab on the road.  That was before anyone even thought about putting on a bike helmet.

 The club part of the postcard cracked me up!  Seems as if we were always creating a club just so that we could be the president.  When we would get tired of being the president, it was the other person' s turn to think of a club idea and be its president.  It usually meant we sat around and played with stickers or made a "hideout" to have our meetings. 

Such great memories!  Now that social media has allowed us to stay connected to so many people, I was able to share my find with her and she was able to reminisce about our childhood adventures too.  It is so great to now share photos of our children and stories of our lives.  And old postcards from the past.

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  1. This about two weeks after I was born. Here I thought the world came into existence the day I was born.