Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas Shopping Update

Okay.  Some folks were wondering how the big shopping trip went yesterday, so I thought I'd give a quick update.  Here it goes...we bought nothing.  Yep.  Apparently that's what happens when you go shopping with no list! 

We did a TON of looking though.  And to be honest, the time flew.  In my mind I was thinking that we all day to shop, but in reality it was only a few hours.  By the time I got off work and ate lunch, we only had time to hit a couple of stores before it was time to head home in order to get Jonathan off the bus.  It just didn't seem like enough time to go hog wild like I wanted to. 

It also didn't help that my husband and I were on different pages.  I was ready to grab things and put them on layaway so that we would be forced to budget the extra spending.  He, on the other hand, was in the mood to "shop for ideas."  Is that a man's way of saying he doesn't want to spend a lot of money? 

Anyway, Legos will definitely be under the Christmas tree this year.  First, we have to decide which line we think our Kindergartner will dig.  Star Wars?   Harry Potter?  Creator?  City?  There are so many stinking choices!  And they are not cheap!  I'm liking this house though.  It turns into three different houses. 

Since he likes doll houses, but not the dolls so much, I thought this would be a good idea.  Daddy is leaning more towards this though:

A pillow pet will probably be purchased too.  Since Jonathan's birthday is also on Christmas I always try to get him a special book, which I give to him right before he goes to bed Christmas night, so I know that is on the list too. 

As for what we found for the baby?!  I fell in love with this Little Tikes walk behind toy that turns into a ride on toy.  I think it is so cute and we'll get more bang for our buck!

So that is how things went yesterday.  By the time Christmas actually rolls around, however, the things my kids are unwrapping could be things I haven't thought of yet.  And most definitely haven't PURCHASED yet!

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