Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Letters To My Children

It is no secret that I am a huge Kate Gosselin fan.  I have loved watching her children grow from the very first season of Jon and Kate Plus 8, I devoured her book Multiple Blessings, can watch old episodes in marathon form, and felt like I needed to reach out to her, like I would a good friend, when the couple split.  I have never been able to understand the amount of hatred the mom of eight has seemed to stir up in the blogging world, and I have no intention of going there, so let's not even think about it, okay? 

To be honest, however, I went threw a "cooling off" period and couldn't bring myself to watch the show for awhile and I was mad that her book Eight Little Faces was pretty much ruined for me because of the drama playing out in the media, so I never bothered to read it, or her book I Just Want You To Know.  That is until I saw it on a library shelf last week and decided to pick it up. 

Once I started to read it, I couldn't put it down.  Kate tells stories about the kids and how they survived those toddler years with six 2-year-olds and 2 six-year-olds--which is right when the show took off and I loved it!  The most beautiful part of the book, however, is the letters she has written to her children.  I really thought that part of the book would be boring, but I found myself getting misty eyed while reading them.  It touched me so much, that I have decided to write my own letters to my own children. 

I think it would be a great idea to write letters to my kids at different stages in their lives--like how Jonathan has started school and how Tyler is learning to crawl.  Kate tells each child their birth story and how she felt when she brought them home--which is something I don't think I have shared with my oldest son yet.  I am sure he would love to hear that story! 

I have no idea whether or not my boys will be interested in reading them when they get older, but I know I'll read them over and over.  Not to mention, I think it would be great therapy for me!  The letters came from Kate's journal, which is something that has never occurred to me to do as an adult.  I know, duh.  I used to journal all the time when I was younger, why hasn't it ever occurred to me to do it as a mother?  I could certainly use some time for myself and it would be a great tool to help me sort through my thoughts.  So I have declared to journal about my kids at least once a week, starting today!

Dear Jonathan,

Yesterday your baby brother and I decided to wait for your school bus outside.  It was such a beautiful October day--it was almost 80 degrees!  You were so cute running off the bus to greet us!  I love how you look in your little uniform and how you look so grown up carrying your backpack.  You decided to eat the apple that you didn't have time to eat at lunch and plopped yourself down in the grass under the tree in our front yard.  Tyler was so excited to see you that he crawled through the grass to get to you and you giggled with delight.  You are such a great big brother!  I love you so much!


Dear Tyler,

You are really getting mobile little one!  You always know exactly what you are not supposed to get into and you head right for it.  Just before you reach for it, however, you turn back to look at me and wait for me to say, "no, no" and then you turn around, with a little smile, and bolt right for it!  Jonathan's backpack is your favorite thing to get ahold of--and any shoe you can find.  You are such a happy baby and are quick with a smile.  I love you so much!



  1. Oh, how sweet, Amy! I know that your kids will appreciate that for years and years to come!

  2. I feel like our blogs are a daily or weekly journal. That is why my blog is focused on my kids, there activities, acheivements, and funny stories. I want them to see what they meant to me as they get older. I of course got the idea from a friend who titled her blog "For my children". She also adds in accomplishements of her and her husband. I like the letter writing, I have a book called "Mom tell me one more story" it is a jornal type book I can fill out with stories of my kids from different stages in there lives.