Monday, January 10, 2011

Can You Get Me Concert Tickets? (And Other Commonly Asked Questions)

Once people find out that I work in radio, they are usually full of questions.  For some, it is fascinating, so I thought I would address some of those questions for those of you who are wondering the same thing.  So, here we go!

Can You Get Me Concert Tickets?

Sorry.  It is highly unlikely.  If you listen to me live, you have a much better chance of winning them than me pulling any "strings" for you.  Believe me, if I had strings, I'd pull them!  I simply do not have access to them 99.9 percent of the time.  It used to be a lot easier to get concert tickets, but because of "plugola/payola" laws created by the FCC, it is not as common as it used to be. 

So, Do You Actually Talk On The Air?

This question makes me chuckle, but it is one that is asked quite often.  Yes, I "actually talk."  To some, I come off pretty shy.  Once you get to know me however--watch out!  I'm a party girl in disguise! 

What Time Do Have To Get Up?

The answer to this question has changed over the years.  I haven't always worked morning drive, although I have worked mornings for the past 12-13 years.   I currently have a pretty "cushy" gig and only work part-time, so it isn't too bad.  I usually wake up around 4:30-4:45 every morning--depending on how many times I hit the snooze button!  On most days, I am leaving the station at 9:30am. 

When I was working in news, however...I was up by 3am and at my computer shortly after to write news copy before I went into the office at 5.  Again...cushy job, because most news folks are already in the studio at 3am. 

How Do You Get Up That Early?

I have no idea.  I hate getting out of bed.  I grumble every single morning.  Most people would think that I am a morning person, but I'm really not.  It just happens that the best jobs in radio are usually during morning drive, so I have learned to adapt.  Coffee is my best friend and I usually drink 2 to 3 cups every morning.  When Saturday rolls around, I can sleep in until 10am if given the opportunity--which my husband often allows! 

You Must Make A Lot Of Money, Huh?

HUH?  What in the world gives people this impression is beyond me!  The answer is ABSOLUTELY not!  Now that the cat is out of the bag, my boss can either fire me, or give me a raise! 

The truth is that there are people in radio that make great money--but most of us poor schmucks are paid rather minimally. 

Did You Have To Go To School For That?

I did go to college, but I did not major in broadcasting and I never earned my degree, so I guess the answer is "yes" and "no."  There is a mix of education levels in the world of radio.  You certainly do not have to go to college to learn how to be on the radio, but in today's work environment, that internship is a huge stepping stone!

How Did You Get Stared In Radio?

Very easily actually.  I was a speech geek in high school and was working at a local grocery store inside the deli.  I would read the specials over the intercom and many people commented on how well I did them.  Not wanting to work in the deli forever (believe it or not, it is hard work) I applied at my local radio station thinking they would let me read commercials or something for extra money to help pay for college.  They gave me a weekend air shift and the rest is history.  Granted, I started out playing church programs on Sundays, but I got to read the sponsorships!  Once they realized I could handle things, I was given a regular music shift every Saturday night.  I would come back every other weekend from college and work every vacation/break.  By the time I was a sophomore in college, I was working full time doing evening drive at a station in my college town and going to school during the day. 

Do You Meet A Lot Of Famous People?

Me?  Not so much.  Other radio folks?  Certainly.  Again...low level schmuck here.  It also depends on your definition of famous.  Seriously, I was ecstatic to meet Rick Trevino, the Kentucky Headhunters and Chris LeDoux, but do you know who they are?  Meeting Chris LeDoux is actually one of my favorite celebrity encounters.  He was a former rodeo star turned country singer and was good friends with Garth Brooks.  He came to town to play a show when I worked in New Mexico and after the show, my husband and I just sat on his tour bus with him and his band shooting the breeze.  He had several sons playing in his band, so the conversation revolved around what hotel chain had the best in-room coffee maker.  It was a cool experience.  Sadly, he passed away of cancer in 2005. 

Some names you might recognize include:  Kenny Rogers, John Rich, The Oak Ridge Boys, Jerry Rice, Terry Bradshaw, Dick Cheney, and President George H. Bush. 
In an attempt to meet Vice President Al Gore, I was not-so nicely told to step aside by a secret service agent.  I didn't get to meet him, but it makes a great party story!

Football autogrpahed by Jerry Rice--a gift for my husband

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  1. Great Q&A. I actually worked at my college radio station years ago. Granted, it was in the Marketing Department...but still fun.

    Thanks for finding my blog. I always love making new blogging friends.