Thursday, January 27, 2011

Throwback Thursday!

I have such wonderful memories of my grandmother and a lot of them involve country music. We used to watch Nashville Now together and gossip about all of the country stars personal lives. While she was a huge Elvis fan, I also remember how much she enjoyed listening to Tennessee Ernie Ford.  Particularly his hymns. 

I find it fascinating that Ernie started off as a radio personality. That's were the "Tennessee" part of his name came from--it was a radio name!  His character became a comedic treasure. 

Ford released 50 songs in the 1950s and ALL off them hit the charts. His most famous hit is "Sixteen Tons."  He went on to host his own television show and became a spokesperson for a furniture company. Sounds like a fantastic career! 

So, in honor of my is some Tennessee Ernie Ford. This is also a reminder to never work with kids or puppies...they always up stage you!

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  1. LOL, great video!! Have you seen the movie "Nashville"? It came out in 1975. It's got a lot of famous faces in it, and it's a crazy take on Nashville. I grew up about an hour from Nashville and the first time I saw the movie, I had this dumbstruck look on my face. Now, my husband and I quote the movie and sing songs from it. (Does have some foul language and nudity in it if that bothers you.)