Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Daddy's Don't Just Love Their Children Every Now And Then"

The other day Jonathan came home from school and we looked through his book bag, got a snack and had a little fun goofing around.  I helped him with his homework and was starting to get dinner ready, when my husband got home from work. 

I was surprised when the first thing Jonathan said when my husband walked through the door was, "Daddy, I forgot to say it before I ate my lunch so I said it at recess." 

I had no idea what he was talking about and thought that maybe he was talking about forgetting to say his prayer before eating.  My husband simply said, "That's okay, buddy.  I was a little late to lunch today, so we probably said it at the same time anyway!" 

After Jonathan scampered back to his room to play, I questioned my husband on the exchange, since I was obviously in the dark on this one. 

It seems that Jonathan was having a little trouble that morning leaving for school.  He is still getting used to this whole school thing and every now and then gets a little emotional and just wants to cling to his parents a little.  It is hard for a 5-year-old to suddenly be gone all day long from the routine he has been accustomed to his whole life. 

So, instead of calling off work and letting Jonathan stay home from school, or instead of shrugging our son's emotions off, he came up with the sweetest idea.  He told Jonathan that he has lunch at the same time as he does, so they can still eat lunch together!  And, if before they start to eat they both said, "I love you" to themselves, then they would be telling each other at the same time.  It calmed Jonathan down and got him out the door to school.

My husband amazes me.  He simply does what needs to be done and never complains or says things like, "don't you realize what all I've done today?"  I surely am guilty of saying that to him.  No, he just amazingly does everything and manages to brilliantly parent our emotional son in the mist of it all. 

Job well done, Daddy!


  1. Very sweet! I always say I didn't know how much I loved my husband until I had the opportunity to see him as a father.

    It sounds like you are one lucky lady:)

  2. I am a lucky lady! Thanks for the nice comments, ladies!

  3. WOW... near tears here. A very proud older sister. I always knew what a great man my brother was. It is wonderful to hear stories on what a awesome father he is.

  4. Awwwwww. That is so sweet. That is the true measure of a man. You definitely got yourself a good one.