Monday, November 8, 2010

Leftover Turkey Recipe!


Pretty soon we'll all be head over heels in turkey, and if we are lucky, we'll have some left overs to whip up in to tasty new dishes!  File this one for the day after's one of my favorite turkey casserole recipes!

Broccoli Turkey Casserole

1/2 cup chopped carrot
1/2 cup bell pepper
1/4 cup green onions
1 TB butter or margarine
1 can condensed cream of chicken soup
1 1/2 cups chopped turkey
1 pk of frozen broccoli cuts
1 cup cooked wild or long grain rice (I used long grain)
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup milk

In a large skillet, cook carrot, bell pepper, and green onions in hot margarine until a crispy-tender. Remove from heat and stir in soup, broccoli, turkey rice, mozzarella cheese, and milk. Transfer to a a 2-quart baking dish and sprinkle with extra mozzarella cheese.

Bake, covered at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Then uncover the dish and bake for another 20 minutes. Let it sit for 10 minutes before serving.

You could also use artichoke instead of broccoli to add a little more "sophistication" to this recipe.  Yes I know, it is sad that I consider artichoke sophisticated.  Hey, I'm a little hick with a family to feed, I'm lucky they eat broccoli!  You could also use chicken instead of a rotisserie chicken from the deli to give this recipe more mileage.


  1. Yum. Thanks for the recipe. It looks delicious. I'm always looking for ways to make my husband think I can cook. My number one way....stealing recipes from women who really can cook. :)) Thanks!!!

  2. Now that looks so simple and delicious, great idea. Its good to get inspiration from others from time to time so thank you for posting, I'll keep that one up my sleeve. In Peru there’s a recipe that requires making a soup (which you can do with a turkey carcass with left over meat on it) and then you pick off all the left over meat, mix some bread in the soup to make it thick and serve it with rice. It sounds odd but its delicious! We recently posted it on our blog here (we didn't use left over turkey in this instance but the principal is the same)