Thursday, November 18, 2010

Throwback Thursday!

Loretta Lynn is celebrating 50 years in country music this year, having recorded her first single back in 1960.  A tribute album has been released in her honor to mark the milestone simply called, "Coal Miner's Daughter:  A Tribute To Loretta Lynn."  Country stars like Martina McBride, Carrie Underwood, Reba, and even Alan Jackson are featured on the album.  Of course the duet that Miranda Lambert and Sheryl Crow performed on the CMA awards is also included. 

While I have always respected her status, I haven't always been a huge Loretta Lynn fan.  I never thought she had the greatest voice and her songs seemed unrelateable to me.  It has only been recently that I have started to relate to the songs, simply because I didn't have enough life experience to really "get" them when I was younger.  I have since become enamored by her songwriting.  When I think back to the time period that Loretta was spouting out these anthems, I admire her gumption, and am simply awe struck.  Her lyrics are so true to life and there is no annoying noise making, like a lot of country songs in this day and age have.  (Have I mentioned I don't like "Stuck Like Glue?")  So, put me on the pill, leave my man alone, and don't you dare come home drinking!  That's real...real country music!

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