Friday, November 12, 2010

Linky-Dinky-Doo 11-12-10

This edition of Linky-Dinky-Doo is all about Thanksgiving!  It is such an exciting time of year and the hustle and bustle has already begun.  Before we get too carried away with getting into the "holiday" spirit, we need to remember a very important holiday--Turkey Day!

Here are some great Thanksgiving table ideas from Intimate Weddings.  I might actually be able to do some of these!

I love this idea!  Make a thankful box like the one shown on the Paper Source Blog

I might be late in making this gratitude tree from My Heart and Home, but I can still get Jonathan involved in it and we might have a new tradition on our hands!

These wreaths are beautiful from Design Style Guide.  Very festive!

Looking for a healthier thanksgiving meal?  Just out this menu from Squawk Fox.

I have recently discovered the wonders of tofu, but not sure I have thought about a Tofurkey before!  If you are looking for a vegetarian Thanksgiving meal, you need to check out this menu from the Bed &Breakfast Network.

If you are trying to keep to a budget, this post from the Home Saver's Blog will help you.  It was written when a lot of people were facing foreclosure a couple of years ago.  It offers great tips on doing Thanksgiving on the cheap!

Trying to figure out what to wear on Thanksgiving?  The Tall Snob might be able to help you out!

And if you like to wear those gaudy turkey sweaters?  Well, The Stir will break it to you not-so-gently.

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