Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time Don't Run Out On Me!

In the words of Anne Murray, "time don't run out on me!"  It feels like my theme song these days!  I cannot believe that tomorrow is already December 1st.  I'm sorry to announce that the Advent calendar I wanted to make has not even been started.  All of the things that I wanted to get done by the first of the month have gone undone and it looks like I'll be running around like a chicken with my head cut off again this holiday season. 

I was talking with my sister over the phone this past Saturday when we were both taking a break from housecleaning and we laughed at the way we seem to turn into not-so-jolly people this time of year.  It is down right stressful to get the house cleaned well enough to be worthy of the Christmas tree, get out all of the decorations, put all of the decorations up, make sure you try to have "magical" moments for the kids, shop, wrap, bake cookies, and still manage to do the everyday things that life requires, and it seems like the deadline moves up year after year.  I mean after all, it technically isn't December yet and I'm already starting to stress out.  Don't get me started on how to pull off a birthday party on Christmas day!  Overzealous?  Yep!

I heard a colleague say some wonderful words of wisdom this morning, however.  All of these things on my "to do" list should not be looked at as "chores."  Putting up the tree, baking cookies, and wrapping presents should be celebrations, not tasks!  That was really powerful to me.  All too often I find myself getting short with my son and griping to my husband around the holidays because of all the things I have to do.  I certainly don't want to do that and I must break the cycle!  I want my children to remember the joy and wonder of the holidays, not how crazed Mommy was from November 15th to January 5th! 

So, today as I am running around trying to get the Advent calendar ready for tomorrow, I will do it with a smile and think about how exciting it will be for Jonathan to count down the days until Santa comes!  I also promise myself not freak out if it isn't perfect or if I can't find enough trinkets to fill it with...after all, I do only have to have tomorrow's filled! 

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